Primal Scream - In the Land of Screamadelica

In the Land of Screamadelica - the only Constant is Change

Glasgow in the 80’s offered a tough life, particularly if you were searching for psychedelic dreams or any dreams for that matter. In 1982, the year of the first Scream, 1 in 5 were on the dole in the Strathclyde region.

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You got the money – I got the Soul

Non-conformist music allegiance, publicised through clobber and attitude, could end in a kicking. Like Glasgow’s football, the music scene had an edge, a precipice upon which, metaphorically, Primal Scream have balanced ever since. A band that have always kept going, never faltering from a total commitment to a DIY manifesto – be real, don’t compromise, follow your heart until you find music that means something - then keep going.

Out of the Void - Higher than the Sun

How many early 80’s bands are still credible, still searching; tapping into the source of what rock n roll is all about? 

Primal Scream took to the stage in Brighton, December 14th 2016, 34 years after their first scream and took the roof off the sucka, rendering ‘genre’ a laughable outdated concept. A show which took the pin out the grenade LAMF!

MC5 Inspired band t shirt

Wasn't born to follow. One of Primal Scream's heroes, the mighty MC5, inspired Colour Is Sound's beautiful 'Panther' T shirt art.


Too much nonsense is written about Primal Scream (“indie-dance cross over”- for example). Music journalism often endorses lowest common denominator marketing-led hype so it can perpetuate the myths which easier commodify music, especially the thorny and difficult-to-pin down bands like Primal Scream.

Very few groups seem able to stomach the courage required to keep finding the source from a new perspective. Primal Scream can make good-time records. Krautrock-House influenced Chaosmosis, the nitty gritty of Riot City Blues, and the definitive 90’s long player, Screamadelica. Albums whose songs shift effortlessly from the haunted to the happening.

Vanishing Point, Evil Heat, XTRMNTR & More Light are darker siblings exploring disturbia, dissonance, disobedience and domination. Truly brilliant records spinning through soundscapes of dark future psyk blues, offering a grainy glimpse of beauty fighting to survive helplessness, anger and the fracture of life under a system that defines our individual worth by our output – each human measured as a corporation.

To truly get inside Primal Scream’s music, you need to leap the categorisation filter. The whole thing started with ‘Velocity Girl’ which only needed 1.26 minutes to deliver crystalline pop perfection.

Whether stunning futurism; Higher Than The Sun’s otherworldly electronic soul music taking a trip inside a song, or, Damaged, the Jimmy Miller classic high five through the tears - Primal Scream can be as tender as the warmth of the turn into the final straight with home up ahead.

Just be careful when you open the door.

Paranoiadelik all-out assault is something this band have made their own.

primal scream band inspired t shirt print

Our very own Primal Scream inspired print, yet to be launched. 


The spirit of Can, Neu!, Curtis Mayfield, Sex Pistols, MC5, Suicide and The Stooges soar through the heart of this truly great band and a ghost is born. Play their records loudly in the dark until you come face to face with the sweet thief of fire. Distortion pills, breaks n bleeps, the sound of speed, pure joy and pain.  

Don’t go to sleep – ever – you might not hear your own scream.