Paris 1968 is Glasgow 1989

Colour Is Sound can neither deny nor confirm if what follows is a true story – the parchment was found in the pocket of a jacket in a train in town.

Paris, May 1968. Sally tasted volatile solvent as she ran towards the riot shields, an acrid toxicity burning and tearing at her eyes announcing temporary blindness. Disorientated, struggling to breathe, Sally fell to the ground, dropping the lemon that had briefly offered citrus protection against a state who had lost control, and like Sally, temporarily knocked unconscious.

When the young Parisian awoke the Arc-de-Triumph of May 1968 was no more. Instead, she found herself in the utterly alien environs of a small night club in Glasgow called the Rooftops on the 22nd of June 1989.  In front of her were four young men hypnotised deep inside their very own shamanic modernism, creating a sound profoundly right here right now. 

Music that soared; melodic illumination so perfect it could set your baby free.                      

Was Sally dreaming?

Had the effects of the CS Gas caused hallucinations?

In the best English, she could muster, she politely asked the person next to her, “Pardon but where am I”? “This is Glasgow, and that’s the best band on the planet - that’s the Roses, The Stone Roses”.

Sally watched transfixed as the band lifted the room up into the stratosphere fuelled by a collective groove so soulful that the experience remained hyper-real close to her heart until she finally passed away - the very day Love Spreads was released to become the best come back 7 inch single of all time. Sally never tried to explain or make sense of those four beautiful young men or their music, caring not whether the experience was endorphin induced trans-dimensional time travel or simply an illusion. All she knew was she had heard music she would never forget.  

Like the album we all love and adore - be realistic, ask for the impossible.

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