Is the Third Coming upon us?

In a dream, I had not too long ago I heard the new Stone Roses album and it sounded amazing! I’m convinced the new album will be as good as we all hope it’s going to be.

The Roses might be one of the most adored bands in the history of music, but they are also of the most talented, soulful, thoughtful and single minded.


They will release a masterpiece and It’s going to blow minds and I can’t wait.

I’m amazed that Second Coming never got its dues. It’s a brilliant record packed with outstanding songs, a great feel and some moments of pure Roses soaring joy. The press didn’t get the record at all it and it says a lot about the journalists back then in 1994 who got the hump that the Roses choose to give their ‘comeback’ interview to the Big Issue. Sad that such a gesture should have been scorned and not applauded. The press panned the record, lazy people swerved it and it’s never surfaced since. Songs such as Ten Storey Love Song and Love Spreads are as sublime and infectious as anything on the first album.

If there’s a regret for many Roses fans, it’s that the band didn’t get an album out with Fools Gold, What The World Is Waiting For and Something’s Burning on it back in 1990. That aside, my view is we wouldn’t have got all those brilliant Ian Brown solo albums and Mani wouldn’t have joined the Scream and made all those great Scream records if things hadn’t gone belly up and that’s life at times - especially in the fickle shallow back stabbing world of the music industry.  The only time I ever had any doubt was before the comeback shows at Heaton Park. Could it all come back together again so seemingly quickly and easily after such a shut and dried case of its game over? Everyone now knows how incredible they were and how great all their comeback shows have been since so the stage is set, the time is now!

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We wait now for the third album and the summer shows in 2017, the possibility of an extended live version of the Sly influenced Beautiful Thing to add to the cannon of grooves which find the stratosphere then keep going.

All For One came alive at the Ethiad, revealing an aggression that reminded me of an MC5 call to (link) arms, high energy hooks and melodies so infectious your locked in from the get go.  Whilst the cultural landscape is so formulaic, it’s more important than ever that there are bands like The Stones Roses, real deals who can hot wire the whole scene with excitement and uncertainty.

What a band.

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