Best Moment of 2016

Gimme Danger

If you are a fan of The Stooges, one of the best moments in 2016 was the release of Jim Jarmusch’s long-awaited documentary “Gimme Danger”. With only Iggy still with us, the film cannot escape the sadness of a band who have all but passed on, but it’s a poignant, honest documentary that does justice to this most seminal of bands.

'Abstract Iguana' Inspired by The Stooges

Our very own The Stooges Inspired T-shirt 'Abstract Iguana'

When I first heard the Sex Pistols version of No Fun, it immediately became my favourite song of theirs, along with New York.  When someone explained, it was a song by a band called The Stooges, I went straight out and bought the first thing I could find with it on.  I still remember sitting transfixed on the bus home, staring at the cover of Iggy wearing spaceman elbow length silver gloves, before looking out the window, wondering where on earth I could find such music in the flesh.

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop. Image Credit.

The Stooges still sound as visceral and vital as they did upon the release of their first album in 1969; a band powerfully able to transport a three-bar fired living space into a giant riff.